WVOTA History

The West Virginia Occupational Therapy Association (WVOTA) was formed in the 1970’s to represent the Occupational Therapy practitioners in the State of West Virginia. WVOTA was essential in obtaining licensure of occupational therapy in the state in 1978. The efforts of WVOTA were also essential in the development of the 1st OT educational programs in the state. Through the efforts of WVOTA and many others in the state West Virginia University instituted a Master in Occupational Therapy in 1996 and The College of West Virginia instituted an associate’s degree in Occupational Therapy program in 1998.

WVOTA is also providing continuing education opportunities in the state. In the year 2000 WVOTA hosted the Great Southern Occupational Therapy Conference in Charleston, WV. In the fall of every year WVOTA hosts a state conference with poster and workshop presentations. WVOTA also offers short lectures on current topics in Occupational Therapy after each of its meetings and awards contact hours for those who attend.

Through WVOTA’s participation in AOTA we represent the state at a national level. WVOTA has a representative in the representative assembly(RA) of AOTA. This representative expresses the unique concerns of West Virginians at the annual AOTA conference and at meetings of the RA throughout the year.

As the members of WVOTA and its executive committee look to the future they prepare to further the profession in the state and to ensure that the professional domain of Occupational Therapy stays uniquely ours.WVOTA needs the assistance of all Occupational Therapy Practitioners in the state to stay a viable and healthy organization that can impact change. 


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